Bespoke Pieces

New stone replacements in tracery window
New hand dressed tracery fitted
Handcarved Finnial
New stone capital
New ramp and twist staircase with columns, Armathwaite Hall
New stone cross
New stone cross
Handcarved Gargoyle
Gargoyle being fitted
Gargoyle, Private Client
Coat of Arms, Thornthwaite Hall
Stone Pillar, Moffat
Floral style carving, Barrow Town Hall
Carving Sample
High Head Castle
New stone indent to existing sign
McMillian Hall Captial (BEFORE)
McMillian Hall Captial (BEING DRESSED)
McMillian Hall Captial (GETTING FITTED)
McMillian Hall Captial (FITTED)
St. Michael's Finnial, Stanwix